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  1. i have started with $10,000 as a test for first week. steve made about $4200. then i increased it to $50,000. now steve made about $70,000 in last 6 weeks. really impressive. sorry steve, late review. i was too busy. thank you very much.

  2. hello, i tried to open Nadex but it does not allow me open nadex account. seems they does accept my country. can i use other broker?

  3. Steve made about $32,703 in last 2 weeks. this is amazing. will leave the $50,000 and compund the profits from now on. will refer friends to you.

  4. i have a account. i have 2786 aud in it. i can deposit up to 10000 aud. Do i need nadex or account to use your service. i’m in Australia.

    • there is no holy grail on trading. the is no system or secret on trading to secure you win. this book mainly cover the trading psychology which plays 80%+ role in your successful trading. hence, if you wanna trade by yourself. the book is worth a read. only cost 299doge, less than $25. if you wanna reach the same results, there is a lot of homework to do for most traders.

  5. i have been using the managed account service on nadex for 2 months. got average 75% per month after paid his share. so far so good.

    • no, the signal does not secure you get same result. as this is binary option trading on nadex. one 0.0001 difference make a different result. we need manage the position actively.

  6. hello there
    i wanna start with 3,000 for first week. if everything shows as good as you said. i would increase to max 20,000 after 2 weeks. thank you

  7. i start with 7500 usd with the managed account service. steve made it to 19023 usd after 3 weeks. this is amazing. i have been trading for 2 years. hard to make a break even. it is time to quit trading by myself.

  8. During the USA session, Steve traded on US500 and made more than 7k on my 50k account. really amazing. thank you buddy. i guess it is time to come to leave a review. thank you again.

  9. Steve managed my nadex for 2 weeks now. i trailed with 3k at first line to check his real performance. only the real record on my own live account is trustable. so i would chose to risk the 3k before i invest more. steve managed the 3k for a week and grow it to 6.2k. very impressive then i add more fund to expand my investment to 10k. now i have made about 6.3k after paid his share. will refer my friends here.

  10. i have an account. can you help me to manage it? my balance is about 5900 usd. pls help me. i lost too much on trading by myself.

  11. i started trading nadex since 2019. but always lose money. i’m addicted. so i do some research online and found steve’s nadex managed account service. so far so good. will look for long term business with this guy.

  12. steve made me about 79.5k till now. i started with 10k usd since end of last october. i have been trading by myself before and always lose money although the amount is not big. then jones refer steve to me. impresive results.

  13. i reached your youtube channel by chance. i’m interested in your service. could i start with 4127 usd. this is the current balance. will be happy to add more if the performance is good.

  14. i tested steve’s service with $7k on nadex. they managed it to $29.6k after 8 weeks. this is really amazing and helps me a lot.

  15. steve managed my account with 4500 usd. now my balance reached 17956 usd. great service. would recommend my friends

  16. Steve made about $7050 on my nadex account in last week. he asked me to post an review here. actually i tried trading on nadex by myself since 2019, my results always in breakeven. i made money at first then lost back. so i googled for managed account and find this service. trailed with 3k for first week. steve grow my account to 6.7k in one week. then i withdraw his share and compound with the rest balance. it is slightly below 5k but steve allowed me to start with that as a standard account. i appreciated it. now, my balance reached about 13k. i would recommend this service. at least you could trail with smaller amount before you deposit more. will refer my friends. thanks, steve. You saved me 🙂

  17. I started trading with this service since Monday. Steve made about a profit of $10,278 for me on my $7,000 account. it is amazing. i count on you Steve. would be glad to refer my friends to you later.

  18. do you accept clients from Japan? i don’t have nadex account. i tried to open acocunt on it is not successful. how can i start?

  19. Steve managed my nadex account for two weeks and i made about $7900 on my $5000 account after pay the his share. really great service. thank you steve!

  20. I have been trading Nadex for a long time. always lost money after win. now i’m in small loss overall. i’m interested in your service. can i test with 3000 dollars first?

  21. i have a nadex account but have not used it for a long time. my card was not verified. can i use it again or should i open a new one?

  22. I lost about $1,780 on first day then Steve recovered it the second day. now my accounts grows to $33,578 from $10,000. i’m glad to find Steve’s managed account service.

  23. i have tried many managed account serive. always lose money. last week my friend referred steve to me. the performance is impressive. will invest more. thank you for your great service.

  24. i’m a VIP client of steve after my balance grew above 100k usd in early 2021. i really appreciate the great service of steve. i have been using the managed service since end of 2020 but have no time to write a review. during the last US fund rate news release. steve made more than 20k usd for me on that single day. total profit $571.3 k till now. i have referred my family to join the service. i satisfied with steve’s great work as he made much more than my own salary as doctor.
    Alan from TX

  25. David refer steve to me a week ago. i trailed with 4167 usd in my account. there was 10k usd but i lost about 6k. steve helped me with the 4167 usd and profit in 3318 usd in last week. this helps me a lot.

  26. i have a nadex account but i always lose money so i stop trading for many years. i want to trail your service. but i did not get email reply. pls check the junk box.

  27. i have deposited 5000 USDT to my account. steve made it to 17293 usdt within 3 weeks. the average trade is 50-100. this is amazing. will refer my friends to you guys.

  28. I come from LA, my friend referred me Steve’s managed account service. I trailed the service of Steve today. he made me $2400+ in one hour. impressive performance. i have lost more than 40k in past years by several traders. this brings me hope on trading.

  29. i have been using the managed account service for 2 weeks, and steve made a return of 87% in last 10 trading days. i really appreciate it.

  30. Can you trade my nadex account? i can start with $3000. if the result is good, i can deposit another $5000. i also sent your email but not get reply. pls check spam mails.

  31. i hired steve to manage my account. win 8 days and lost 2 days in last 2 weeks. overall profits $4751 after his share. impressive.

  32. i have used the managed binary option account for 1 month. i started with $3000. now my balance reached $7329 after paid steve the profit share. highly recommended!

  33. I watched the live trading signal. have made some money. thank you. i always lose money by myself. i just cant resist the impulse to trade. so there is profits and loss on my history. maybe i’m not suitable for trading. i’m considering hire you to trade on my behalf. i still have $4158 in my nadex. need i refill it to 5K to start with you? i would be happy to fund another 5k if everything goes well.

  34. i come from Singapore. i tried to open account. but it seems can not trade index on it. i would like to try nadex. does their withdraw fast?

    • you can use nadex. the withdraw is fast. most clients get withdraw the next working day out of the US. same day in the US via wire transfer.

  35. my friend refer me your site. i read the posts, it is a great chance. would invest some money after i save enough money.

  36. hello there
    i come from London. i have used the service two years go but make chances. cant trade binary after new regulations. then i invest in crypto. made some money, now Crypto down a lot, i come back to nadex trading. just as good as before. thank you Steve.

  37. i have used the nadex account for 2 weeks. there is one day losing about 325 dollars. profit in the rest 9 trading days. i just have no time to trade. this is good to make money on my fund. will refer to my friends.

  38. i have used the nadex trading service of steve for 3 weeks. there are 12 trading days in total. 10 days in profits and 2 days in loss. net profit about 6700 usd on my 5000 usd. very impressive performance. i would recommend to my friends.

  39. i traded on my account for years but cant make consistent profits. then i do some research to find a trader to help me and google bring steve to me. i trailed and added more fund. now i made about 17k usd after paid his profit share. i appreciate this service.

  40. i doubt on this kind of service at the first. thanks to the trail service. so i can risk with lower amount and increase my capital after i saw good profits. highly recommended!

  41. i have been trading on nadex by myself for months. i lost about 6k usd. then i google and found steve. he managed my nadex account for 3 weeks now. i have made 7200 usd. very impressive.

  42. it is hard for me to make money on nadex. so i hired Steve to trade my nadex account. i deposited 3000 usd as a trail and fund another 5000 after a week with impressive results. this helps me a lot. highly recommended!

  43. i traded binary by myself for many years but never made good profits. thanks to steve. i’m on the road to financial freedom. the fund is in my own account and only i can make withdraw. this is very good.

  44. i have some crypto to invest. i wanna hold the crypto and make some money on them at the same time. i expect some growth in crypto. i think the cloud mining by investing my btc is not secure. how about the btc trading of you mentioned? thanks

    • is the new domain of which in business more than 20 years till now. never had withdraw problem on my clients account. only you can request the withdraw as they will send security link to your email for every withdraw. then you can only access to the withdraw area via the one-time security link.

  45. i deposited 0.5 btc in my account. steve made it to 1.29 btc in 3 weeks. amazing work. the btc price is fucking down a lot. but i guess it will re bounce in long run. anyway, the great profit made up the loss in price a lot. enjoy the profits. you deserve it!

  46. hello, i have an nadex account. not verified yet. i wanna you trade on my behalf. how much is the minimum amount to start. i’m not rich. i wanna start with minimum amount. is it ok?

  47. Steve traded by account for a month till now. i have made about 127% return after paid the fee. is great. fast withdrawal. only took hours to get my LTC withdrawal.

  48. i have started with 40 LTC as a trail and steve made about 35 LTC during the first week. now i left my profit share to compound. great work. thank you steve

  49. i have about 4000 dollars in the account. can you help me manage it? i tried but always lose money. please help me. i also sent emails, pls check junk box as well. thanks

  50. steve helped me recovered my loss on now i’m in profit with about 32 LTC after pay his share. great service. really helps me a lot.

  51. currently, the btc price not good. but i dont want to sell my btc. i wanna invest them in btc rather than in USD. is it possible? i live in the US.

    • is not open to usa residents. if you have family out usa, can use their account to deposit and trade in btc.

  52. do you use the bot of i have small amount of usd to invest. could you add it to your management list?

    • bot is not stable from the statistical perspective. not advise you using bot. you may contact us via email or skype

  53. i have some btc. so deposited the btc in my account. steve made about 57% profits in the first week. although there is pullback, the overall result is promising.

  54. never heard of this service before. i traded by myself for weeks and always lost money. then i google and found Steve. started with a smaller amount and then compound my balance. i’m glad i met Steve.🙌

  55. i’m interested in your managed nadex service. i can start with 2500 usd and invest more funds after i see the good results. i have seent email. pls check the spam mails as well. thanks

  56. can i satrt with 2000 usd? i also have 1 eth. would you like me deposit eth and make some eth profit on binary? i sent you email. pls reply. thank you.

  57. steve is great guy. he advised me invested about 9000 usd in dogecoin last feb. and i made about 80k on it and sold all my doge at $0.70+
    now, i would like to return trading binary to make some “small money”
    thanks for your professional advice.

  58. i have a binary account. i deposited 5000 but lost about 1500. can you start with 3500? if there is good results, i can add more funds.

  59. i have lost a lot of money recently on btc trading. i wanna hire you to manage my nadex account. could i start with 5000 dollars. i will definitely add more funds after i see good results.

  60. i have payback my loan. i lost about 40k usd on btc investment during May and June. i start with peak binary option with 15k usd borrowed from my friends, now i already payback my loan. this is great !

  61. I have a verified nadex account. can you manage it for me? i can trail with 3000 dollars and increase to 20,000 dollars if everything is good.

  62. I have been using the managed account service for 7 months. I have paid off all the mortage for my aprtment. thank you very much.

  63. hello, i have made about 450k dollars on dogecoin and Eth trading. now i sold all my crypto coins and seeking to diversify my investment. can i trail with 5k first and then i can add up to 200k dollars if everything is as good as you said.

  64. i have account. i can start with 10k Euro. if performance is good. i can add up to 100k euro gradually. i also sent email. maybe it reach your in the junk? please check and reply me. thanks.

  65. i have been using the binary managed service of steve for about 3 weeks. already cashed out about 30k usd. great work.

  66. i have earned a lot of money on my cryptocurrency. thanks to god, i sold most of my coins before it drop a week ago. lol. now i want diversify my investment in trading. whats the max amount you can manage?

  67. do you trade crypto currency account for us? i have 0.79 btc in my acocunt. can you trade it for me. i can share 50% of the profits made. the more you win the more you share. sounds good?

  68. i have tried with steve for his binary managed account service. i have made about 7.3k with in last 3 weeks. there is really good as it is more than my monthly salary.

  69. hello steve,
    i’m happy with your service. i just come here to express my appreciation for your work on my account. this helps me a lot. now i already payoff all my borrowing. this is the turning point for new life. thank you !!

  70. Hello, you accept people from rusia? i can deposit via webmoney 5000 usd as statring capital. can you manage it for me? please reply me. thank you

  71. hello steve,i have a live nadex account but only left 3572 usd in it. can you give me a trail on it? i would be happy to add more funds if your results are really good as you claimed. thanks

  72. Hello, I need your help to operate my account in binary, I have 1000 dolls, could you help me? I could add more based on the results

  73. hello, i’m in Bangkok. i have a account with about 2300 usd. can you manage it for me. i would like to add more funds if everything is ok. thank you.

  74. hello there,
    i live in Norway. i want to test your service with 2000 euro. if everything is ok, i can increase to 10000 euro. i will sign up a Skype.

  75. hello,
    i have a nadex account. i deposited about 5000 usd and lost some money. my current balance is about 4200 usd. can you trade it for me? i will add more funds if results are really good. thank you

  76. Steve managed my account on i trailed with 5k first then added another 5k usd since earlier August. i only withdraw his profit share and keep mine compounding in the account. now my balance reach 19583 usd. thank you steve for your great work. i will refer more friends to you.

  77. Hi Steve,

    I’m totally new to this trading business however I would love to make some real money besides working in my job (60 hours a week). I have been doing some self studying in regards to trading online and also researching about professional managed accounts and have come across you (Steve). I’m really optimistic and a little excited about the potential profits you can make for me.

    I would love to start with a trial (£3000) then deposit more regularly however I wanted to know roughly how much profit money can be earned monthly with a £5000?

    I thank you for taking time to read this and response in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.


  78. i have deposited another 0.5 btc into my binary account after trail with 0.3 btc, now my accounts grows to about 1.73 btc after 2 weeks. thank you Steve.

  79. i come from Latvia. Steve helped me making the 14566 euro since late June. i have been scammed by those brokers that dont pay my withdraw. steve only use for my country and i often receive the withdraw the next day. sometimes it takes several hours after i request withdraw. highly recommended.

  80. steve has traded my nadex account on my behalf for about 2 weeks till now, my balance grows to 9752 usd from 5000 usd. this is amazing, will refer my friends to you.

  81. thank you steve, i have paid off all my debts. hope i can reach financial freedom with your managed account service step by step.

  82. steve made about 27k usd for me by trading the crude oil and US stock indices on Nadex during last 2 weeks. thank you very much. the withdraw from nadex to my uk bank account takes 2 days. very good.

  83. hello,
    I come from South africa and i can invest up to 100k if your results is good. which broker should i use? nadex or please reply. thanks

  84. thanks steve, i have paid back all my debt 15k in this month. i never expected i can payoff all my debt in such a short time. thank you very much.

  85. thanks, steve have managed my binary account for 13 trading days. my 10k usd account turned into about 36.2k usd. made a lot of profits from stock indices. thank you very much.

  86. hello
    i wanna test your service with 5000 gbp first. if all result is good, i will put another 15000 in. so please take care of my account. will send you details after my account set up.

  87. my friend introduced Steve to me. I have used the service for about six months. made about 95k usd net profits. very impressive. thanks and merry Christmas

  88. hello.
    i have a account with 4700 euro in it. i just think of using you to trade my account for me. sorry, my english not good. help me brotehr.

  89. hello
    i want you manage my nadex account. can i start with 4000 usd? i will definitely add more funds if results are really good. thank you

  90. hello,
    i have a can i use Btc as currency on i want to to start with 1 btc. if results is attractive i will deposit more btc. thank you.

  91. hi, i would like you trade my binary account. i just have 7000 euro in my Iqoption account. i will withdraw all them to put into account. please let me know how much i can gain each week?

  92. i have just trailed the nadex managed account with my nadex account. i deposit 6000 dollars last Monday and current balance reach 9752 dollars. impressive!!!

  93. Hi there
    do you have discount on your fee if i deposit 50000 usd as a Vip client? of course i will trail with 5000 usd for first week and would be glad to add another 40000 usd if i like your results.

  94. hi there,
    i have a nadex account with about 4500 dollars now. i just lost about 5500 dollars by myself. can you help me on it? i would like to deposit up to 50,000 after i see good results. thank you.

  95. I can invest $500k+. fund is not a problem for me. the problem is how can I make sure you really make money on my nadex account?

  96. Hi there,
    i have 20000 usd in my nadex account. can you grow it to 100k in 6 months as i have a debt to pay off. please reply me. thanks

  97. hi there,
    I just tried to trade by myself on nadex but lost most trades. I lost about 2600 dollars in total. I wanna you to trade on my behalf. I can deposit 5000 at first and put more money if results are good. thanks

  98. hi there,
    i have been trading binary option for about 2 months. i do made money on binary but lost my capital together with the profits finally. i know it is hard to make profits consistently on trading for a newbie. so i want you to manage my binary account for me. i can deposit 5000 dollars as a start and add more money if happy with your results.

  99. I have just trailed the service of steve’s team on nadex with my 3000 dollars. he made me about $1700 during the first week. will put more money in. you can trail it before put big amount. very good

  100. Hi there,
    How much can you make per week on nadex? I will deposit 10k usd in my nadex for first month. I can go with 50k if results is good. Can I leave my share of profit in the account to compound? Thanks

  101. hello,
    can you trade account? i can invest 5000 pounds.
    how much can i make each week with your managed account service if it works? thanks

    • Yes, we can manage account for you. You can make about 1500 per week after our share if you invest 5000. Please add our skype.

  102. Hi there,
    i just have 7500 usd to invest. can you manage it for me. i have a nadex account but i have not used it for two years. i need send nadex documents to reactivate it.

  103. You are a smart and disciplined trader. i checked the trading history in my nadex account. good risk management. will stick to your service for years.highly recommended

  104. I just checked your site and the result is impressive. i will try with 5000 dollars for first 2 weeks. i can add more money if it is really good. please leave a slot for me.

  105. i can start with 5k first week, then go 20k after 1 week, then 50k after 1 month if all things goes well. hope this works for me

  106. i want to try with 5000 usd but i only have 4000 usd on hand. can you help me trading? i will put more after i get my salary.

  107. i opened my nadex account 2 years ago. i did not verify my card and bank account since i lost the last deposit. i want to try with 4000 usd. can you help me trading it?

  108. i come from Sweden and lost a lot money on trading binary by myself. can i test with 2000 for first week? i will add to 10000 if result is good for sure.

  109. i’m a victim of many binary option scams. i used oversea brokers but they don’t allow withdraw. i know nadex is the best choice for most people but it is complex. i cant understand how to earn money on it. then i search managed account service and find this service. i want to deposit 5000 usd first to see how good the service is and will add more if i’m satisfied.

  110. before i join the steve, i trade by myself. i made moeny some days and then lost. i just cant make money consistently. i become greedy when i’m in profit while scared after i lost several trades in a row. i found i cant control myself when i login the nadex account and start trading. i lost about $35000 in total by myself. it’s really hard for me to admit the fact that i cant earn money consistently by trading. it’s my friend David Grant who pull me out of the vicious circle by refer steve to me. i just stop trading for myself for 27 days till today. steve’s team grows my account with 30%-50% per week consistently. thank you very much.

  111. I used a trader from india that is really a scammer. he lost $3950 in my nadex account. then i tried steve with $3000 as a trail service for first week, he grows it to $4296 in 4 trading days. then i added another $5000. now my balance reach $27963. i will recommend this to my close friends.

  112. i traded forex by myself and lost about 15000 euro. can you help me? i can deposit 5000 for first week and add another 5000 after first week if the result is good.

  113. i deposited $7500 for the first week, steve made $3629 for me during the first week. then i added another $7500, now my balance on nadex grows to $28672. thanks for your help !!!

  114. i really enjoy this nadex managed account service.i’m a dentist and very busy. have no time to trade everyday. i’m glad to find a trader who can really make money for me.

  115. hi steve, i just sent the $5963 for your share of last week. please continue trading after you receive the payment. thanks

  116. i come to write a review after i work with steve for a month. there was 2 losing days during the 19 trading days. total net profit $12672.the result is as good as my friends said. recommended

  117. I start work with steve 2 weeks ago. i just stop trading by myself from then. now i recovered my loss on another binary option site. the withdraw of nadex is super fast. i will refer my friends to you. thanks

  118. I have tried many traders. all calimed they can make money but all lose my money. how do i know you are not a trader like them?

  119. I just tried to open a nadex account but my address proof was rejected. can i use other binary option broker? can you recommend a reliable one?

  120. i lost about 3k with another managed account service. i’m only a new graduate from college. now i can only deposit $2500 to my nadex account. can you trade for me? i appreciate your kind help.

  121. i come from london and i used the service of steve. i deposited $7000 as a start capital. steve made $3672, $2963 and $4159 for the last three weeks respectively. i would refer to my friends to you.thanks for your help

  122. hi there,
    i lived in the usa a year ago but now i moved to Canada. can i used that account to try your managed account service?

  123. I have used the service of steve. i started with $5000 and steve grow it to $ 8219 for first week. this is just amazing as i always lose money on nadex trading by myself. highly recommended

  124. i come here by searching for a trader to manage my nadex account. I’m living in London. i lost a lot money on binary option. so i don’t have much money to start trading again. can i start with 500 usd?

  125. Donald referred you guys to me. i’m checking with his account and monitor for 2 weeks. if all things good i will deposit $30,000 ; can you offer a cut on your share percentage for big client?

  126. I just tried the managed account service. steve made about 1500 on my 3000, thanks, i will deposit another 2000 next week. highly recommend

  127. I have tried with nadex, but i lost about $2,000. i made money at the first but soon lost back. i need you manage it for me. can i tart with amount lower than 5000 at the first week. i will definitely deposit more if the performance is as good as you say.

  128. I just deposited 5000 dollars in my nadex account. can you trade it for me. i’m not greedy. i will be happy if you can make 1k for me each week. thanks

    • yes, you can ask your familiy in USA to open nadex account. but the nadex account should under her name, all personal info and bank account used on nadex should under her name.

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