Binary option managed account

We now provide the Binary option managed account service for clients from most countries/regions :

đź””: changed its domain to while trading features are same. this broker is in business for more than 20 years till now. if does not accept your country, please contact us for legit broker.



The following video shows the trading system we used to make trading decisions with a edge. although there is no 100% correct prediction, we can still make profits with it as we can close trades before expiry to cut loss and lock profits.

Binary option involves high level risks. it is not easy to make profits consistently for most investors. according to our personal experience, to make money consistently on binary option trading you need to be good at the following aspects:

  • Disciplined trading style: follow your trading plan and rules
  • Safe money management
  • High win rate strategy or system 
  • Emotion management skills
  • Patience

All above aspects includes the filed of strategy, risk management and trading psychology. strategy is easy to learn but the psychology of traders is not easy to cope with. most traders pursue for a holy grail and expect they can win all trades to make a fortune by trading. however, they finally failed and blow up their accounts. this does not mean their strategy is not good, most of them lose money because they cant control themselves and follow the rules strictly. this is why my friends Jones asked me trade for her. she used the same system and rules i gave her. she tried 3 times and lost about 35k USD before asked me trade for her.

Requirements to join us:
  • Live in one country where you can open a live (old domain: account
  • Minimum capital $5k or equivalent  btc/LTC/USDT if you use crypto currency on
  • Willing to pay our profit share after you get withdraw.
  • You Don’t need open account under any affiliate link, you can use your current live account if you have one.
  • The fee is based on account size, we pay the transfer fee, etc. our fee decline with balance grows. max balance is $300k on (
  • Account size $ Our profit share
    3k–5k 52%
    5k–30k 50%
    30k–100k 47%
    100k–300k 45%
Our advantages:
  1. You can Test our service with a smaller account before you deposit the 5000 USD.
  2. You only need pay after you get withdraw from
  3. No other hidden fees, you only need pay based on performance
  4. Make money when you sleep. our team covers Asia, America and European time zones.
  5. opens on weekends, so we can trade max 7 days per week.

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Skype: chat live:nadex2015